Friday, August 1, 2014

The Three Sick Musketeers

Just before he got sick on Sunday evening, Judah started saying Isaac, which sounds more like "Isaa" without the "c."  He is also getting better at drinking from a sippy cup, but not perfectly just yet.

He can walk behind the red chair and push it too.

Baby mohawk time!  I am going to cut his hair, but just not quite yet.

After bath snuggles

I took this picture because it was one of those, I just wish I could always remember this simple everyday moment when he is bigger and not as sweet and innocent.  He was eating Cheerios and bananas and smiling at me while I was int he other room.

Now for the sad pictures of the sick musketeers...

 Judah felt pretty miserable for about 2.5- 3 day and just when he started feeling better and I could get a smile out of him now and again, Drew gets a fever.  When Drew gets a fever, he throws up. Every time.  this time he threw up 4 times in one day.  (More on that story on another post if I can get my act together.)  The next morning Isaac wakes up burning up and feeling miserable.  So far the girls are okay.  I'm hoping this hit the boys only since they are the worst about drinking after each other and not washing their hands as well.  They are still sick, sick, sick.  It's been a long week.  And I miss the pool!  Genna starts ice skating camp next week.  This was our camp free week.

"Yes, I can stand, but I am so mad that my mom keeps standing me up and trying to take pictures of me I could scream!"
 Judah is also walking along furniture a lot better and more steadily.  Plus, this standing thing, if I set him down on his feet or he holding onto something and lets go.  No standing up from the middle of the room yet.

Let's end on a good note!

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