Saturday, August 2, 2014

What is a field trip like with our family?

Well, we start out ultra organized.  I move important stuff from the diaper bag to the backpack.  I pack snacks, and the girls help make PB&J sandwiches to pack.  I make sure I have a set of extra clothes for the two youngest.  I bring a carrier and a small stroller.

Then we are off.  This particular field trip we were headed to a friend's house to caravan together.  Before that I had time to stop by and get myself my favorite drink as a treat for myself since I was giving up my whole day for this seemingly simple trip to the National Gallery of Art in D.C.  Don't get me wrong, that is probably my favorite place in all of D.C.!  I love art and it makes me happy strolling through the rooms full of some of the best art ever.  However, strolling through with five kids in tow is not quite the same and I need an extra push these days to give up nap times and structure and take them on a field trip.  Brian told me I should go when I asked him if it was a good idea since Judah had been sick.  He was feeling better, and Brian said that it will never be a good time and we won't live here forever, and I need to just go.  So I did.

The adventure begins when we pull out of the parking lot after I got my drink.  Drew pukes everywhere.  Car sick, the boy gets car sick every time we get in the car, so I thought nothing of it.  I was irritated that Genna had disobeyed me and not put his bib on him the first time he said his tummy hurt.  However, if you refer back to the first paragraph, you will remember that I packed him an extra set of clothes.  When we get to my friend's house, I clean him up.  I have all the puke cleaning up supplies you could want in the car all the time.  He even has a car seat cover, plastic bibs with pockets, little baggies to put the dirty clothes in, and air freshener.  Done, he was set.  Off we went only 15  minutes late.

The next puke we were ready for.  I had put his bib on him.  Genna caught most of it in one of the many little plastic bedpans we keep in stock in the car.  The bib with the pocket caught the rest.

We arrived, parked, walked to the NGA, and had sandwiches outside before heading in for the kid's program.  Drew barely ate.  I should have known right then that something wasn't right.  He is always starving after getting sick in the car, unless he is really and truly sick.  He seemed fine during the movie and as we were walking around he kept wanting me to carry him.  If you refer back to the first  paragraph again, you will see that I planned for this in bringing a baby carrier AND a stroller.  Judah was happy in the stroller, so I put Drewy in the Ergo carrier on me.  He laid his head down and felt hot.  Oh no!  I moaned internally.  He's really sick!  It finally dawns on me.  Me, the woman who prides herself on seeing the signs of sickness in her kids before they actually get sick.  I, in fact, had just been boasting to Brian that I could tell Judah was getting sick long before the fever started.  Anyway, we were all the way in the city!  We'd paid an absurd amount of money to park!  And Hannah was in heaven in the NGA.  She reminded me of myself, my first trip to the NGA.  Typically, she describes herself as "dark and brooding," and she was leaking happiness from her pores.  How could I take that away from her and head home.  Just a few more rooms.  If I hold him I can keep him from infecting the world, right?

The security guards followed us around (with our 10 kids) complaining every time one of the kids put their foot down too loudly or walked in a circle instead of standing and admiring the artwork.  Okay.  Okay.  Did they not realize how incredibly outnumbered we were?  It's not like they were being loud or spinning or bumping into people.  They just weren't in a perfectly slow moving group commenting on brush strokes in hushed tones.  If only I had that sheepdog I've always said I needed to coral my herd.  The rowdiest one was feverish laying on my chest though, so what were they complaining about?.

Then it happened.  He got that eyes-glazed-over-look that he gets when he is about to be sick in the car.  I asked him if he was going to throw up.  He said yes!  I hurried in my backpack dumped the dried apples in with the dried bananas and put the zip lock bag in front of his face while he is still in the Ergo.  He barfs and fills the bag!

I forgot to mention what I was wearing.  I had chosen my most casual eShakti dress.  It is the most comfortable as well.  It has pink hot air balloons all over it so that from a moderate distance you can't tell what the pastel design is exactly.  It is a button down "I Love Lucy" style dress.  I will try to get a picture of me in it one of these days.  Anyway, one of my all time favorite dresses, you get the point.

Back to the barfing into a zip lock bag held in between myself and him while he is in the Ergo.  Not a drop on my dress, thankyouverymuch!  A success I will remember for all my days.

Field trip over!  After hitting the restrooms, we high tailed it to the parking garage.  Drew threw up one more time on the way home.  He took a long nap at home.  Judah was able to be transferred asleep into his bed from the car seat.  I didn't end up sacrificing my afternoon nap time after all.  It was a welcome reward for a hard days work.  That's how we do it folks!

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Jeff said...

You didn't mention what your favorite drink was? Do they even have Sonics out there--and their limeade?