Sunday, March 8, 2015

Isaac lost his first tooth!

He's six and a half and it finally happened.  The permanent tooth is mostly grown in behind it already.  This guy's teeth really don't like to come out.  One of his baby molars has decided to stay and has moved way up in his gums to make room.  Orthodontist, here we come!  Actually, we've already been to him and he said that we can't do anything until the permanent molars come in to brace a palatal expander to.

You can barely see the space since the big tooth is behind it.  It is the bottom right (your right) incisor.

Brian and I have a secret system for getting teeth that are barely hanging on out.  I say, "Wow!  Go show Dad and see what he thinks about that."  They show Brian and her reaches in and thumps it out if it's loose enough.  That's what we did with Isaac who is the most afraid of pain of all our children.  In fact, he'll burst into tears if you even mention braces or a palatal expander to him even though it isn't happening anytime soon.

We were out of little zip lock baggies when he lost his tooth and so I wrapped it in a napkin and told him to put it in his tooth fairy pillow pocket like that.  He went upstairs and comes back distraught because he was showing it to Hannah and he lost it on the floor somewhere.  I told him to just write a note to the tooth fairy like Hannah did when she dropped her's down the drain.  He did and I so enjoyed reading his note when I went to collect the note and put a dollar in his pillow pocket.

The funny thing is he totally knows I am the tooth fairy, just like the girls did by the time they lost their tooth, but he still wrote such a sincere note.

Hannah lost her twelfth tooth this week as well.  Tooth fairy has been busy around here.

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