Sunday, March 1, 2015

The snow's here to stay for a while.

It looks like the snow isn't going anywhere.  It has snowed three times and never been warm enough for long enough to melt much of the snow so it's piling up in some places.  Our backyard is worse because it hasn't been played in a million times.  This was after Mass last Sunday, and the snow is still covering the ground in mounds.  I forced the girls to let me do their hair my way (Yes, there were tears...ridiculous!) and I wanted a picture.  Unfortunately, it was a little bright to get them to all have their eyes open.  The temperature was up to 37 and nobody needed their coat.  When you are used to under 25 degrees, 37 degrees with no wind and lots of sun feels like spring.

He ate some snow.  After church while we were standing outside and talking, Judah was off sneaking licks of the snow all around the ramp.  It was killing the older ladies!

This was a school day when he wanted to sit on the back deck and play in the snow with spoons and cups while we did school.  That day was particularly windy and still not above 20 degrees, so he didn't last long.

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