Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayer Pillowcases

My cousins are having babies like crazy all of the sudden.  It's great!  I've been waiting for this.  For so long, I was the main supplier of babies at family gatherings (when we could make them since we don't live near our families), but now there are all sorts of cute babies to see!

I decided after purchasing several of these prayer pillowcases from Prayer Pillowcases for friends' children that I would try and embroider one in a similar fashion.  It was fun, but took a lot more time than I thought.  I thought it would be quick because of all the fabric markers making things go faster, but the embroidery was still a lot in the end.

The picture and the name are a combination of embroidery and fabric markers.  The prayer is just fabric marker.

I drew the picture looking at a picture on the internet and then transferred it onto the pillowcase.  Then I used the fabric markers and chose what parts I wanted embroidered.

I threw in a couple of extra goodies and mailed them off!

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