Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Home-Improvement Train

 Apparently, the home-improvement train is hard to get off of for my husband.  He replaced the laminate floor with a matching (matches the other floors on the main floor) hard wood floor.  He did it all in less than 3 full days which is pretty impressive.

Work in progress

Before replacing most of the furniture

Finished product

A month ago, I moved the toys out of the breakfast area and moved the mini sofa into that area.  We were tripping over toys and now the toys stay in the living room and don't seem to get dumped all over unless we have other kids over.  We all like it a lot more this way.  The kids love to read on the little sofa, and it is a great place for me to rest when I have a second when cooking dinner.

Kitchen sofa in action before the floors were replaced

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