Thursday, October 13, 2016

boy: (n) a noise with dirt on it

Back when I was pregnant with Isaac, my mom gave me a wall decal that had this definition of a boy on it.  It is still on the side of the boy's shrank.  It. is. so. true.  And I've got the picture to prove it.

The dirt really brings out his eyes, but what doesn't?  They are killer.

This picture was taken at the end of gym day (at the track.)  The little ones just play in the dirt most of the time, with the exception of the ever popular Duck, Duck, Goose game that we force the big kids to play for them.

Then another day, Judah put on his imagination cap and asked me to stick a blanket up his sweater so he could rebound back off the couch when he ran into it over and over again.  Then he figured out what an awesome idea it was and was bouncing off of people and everything strong enough to withstand his weight.

Champion Sumo Wrestler

Boys are noisy and dirty, but so stinkin' cute too.  Bobby is very loving and has taken to hugging and kissing all stuffed animals he lays his eyes on.  Judah is the world's best sharer and a pretty darn amazing brother and always lends his kitty cats to Bobby, even his most, most bestest cat ever that he sleeps with every night, AKA Grumpy Cat.
He's moving in for a kiss.
While we are on that note of stuffed animals, I should mention that Bobby has finally latched on to one.  He never really took to the fox, but he is crazy about ducks right now so I put some stuffed ducks in his crib.  One was Judah's that he never cared for because he is kitty obsessed. The other (the chosen one) is the gift I picked out for Isaac while I was pregnant with him on my babymoon in Bruges.  It is a white knitted duck with overalls and super cute, but, dare I say, not durable enough for a for real lovey.  I mean, white and knit?  What was I thinking?

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