Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Hair: Fried Green Tomatoes Edition

The day before the pumpkin patch tour, I got a little crazy.  I had my hair dyed ombre blue.  This was not a wild hair, spur of the moment decision, I have actually been planning this for over a year.  Basically, when we found out we were moving to Germany, I started planning it.  It is very common here.  I knew I wouldn't stand out too much (dare I say, I might even blend in a little least when not behind the wheel of my 12 passenger van,) but I'd still get to do something bold.

I waited so long because I was nursing Bobby and this takes a long time to do this at the salon.  It actually took six hours because of my hair being so long and thick.  It was estimated at 3-4 hours, so Wow!  I am glad I made sure Bobby was weaned before taking the plunge.

I love it, but I guess I didn't show Brian what "ombre blue hair" actually looked like because he was initially not a huge fan.  He said it has grown on him now, but at first he was not pleased that I had spent so much money on something he didn't love.  I was bummed he didn't like it, but the kids all thought it was super cool.  

It takes a lot more care than I realized.  I have to wash it in cold water to keep it from fading too quickly.  Although it is a permanent color, fashion colors apparently are more semi permanent depending on how well you take care of it.  FYI, I am really not a fan of cold water in the fall when my husband won't turn on the heat yet!  Then if it rains, I have to cover it so it doesn't run and stain my clothes.  I now travel with a blue towel and pillowcase since when it is wet, it stains everything it touches.  I even stained my toilet seat cover when I rogue wet hair escaped unnoticed.  It took a Magic Eraser and a lot of hard scrubbing to get it off.  Nothing too major, but I thought it was funny that I found out all this while getting blue dye painted on my hair and not before.

The day after the pumpkin patch tour, Genevieve and Drew had hair cut appointments at a much cheaper salon.  Drew got his first good hair cut at a salon ever.  We are going back to Paulina for sure.  First time ever Brian has come home and not told me that he will never let me take him to get his hair cut again.

Genevieve wanted a big change.  She wanted a slanted short Bob cut.  And, boy, did she get it!  When the lady showed her her hair with the mirror, Genevieve was practically bouncing out of the seat with the biggest smile ever and said, "I love it!  It's gorgeous!"  One of the cutest moments ever!  So genuine and so sweet!  I truly love that girl.

I love it because she doesn't have to do a thing to it and it looks precious.  The natural waves really work in her favor with this cut.  Somedays it's curlier than this and it looks even cuter.

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