Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy 5th birthday to Drew! AKA The "Gum" Birthday

The fifth birthday is a big deal around our house because you get to chew gum, finally!  When most of your friends have been doing it forever!  Just like the tenth birthday is with sodas.  Drew has been telling semi strangers for weeks that he's "about to be five and chew gum."  I'm sure they have no idea what he is talking about.

After seeing Isaac looking at cakes on Pinterest with me for his birthday, Drew thought he could look through Pinterest for me and pick out any Ninjago cake he wanted.  Ha!  Mommy isn't quite that talented, and she definitely doesn't have enough time for that.  I told him he could look with me, but there are limitations that he doesn't understand so I get the final say.  We settled on this Lego Ninjago head cake after I strongly suggested it.  He had trouble deciding which of the characters he wanted, so I nudged him in the direction of the white one (whatever his name is) so I'd have one fewer step by not having to color more icing.  This is the new and improved mom of six kids that has eactly two hours between little one's bedtime and my bedtime to make and decorate it in, not the young and energetic mom of one kid who made a castle cake that took the entire day for a one year old who didn't notice or care.

Lego Ninjago Cake, I hope it doesn't look too much like a sheep.  It didn't look so sheepish in person.

Before heading to German Kindergarten to share his cake against his will.  :)
So I made this cake on the night before his actual birthday to send with him to kindergarten.  He was very against this whole plan.  He tried to talk me out of it the whole way there.  I had seen other moms bring in cakes for their kids birthdays, and it seemed like the right thing to do.  I sort of promised him I'd make another cake to share with his non-school friends, but I have actually failed to keep that promise and he hasn't noticed...yet.  He will though, and how bad a mom am I?  There hasn't been a single weekend free.  It's going to be like Genna's birthday sleepover that was months after her birthday.  If I keep doing this, I'll never catch up.

My parents were in Scotland visiting a friend during his birthday and the birthday weekend.  In addition to that, Brian was gone on the weekend that would have been best for a party.  Throw in Hannah's appendectomy that had happened on the Thursday before and all hope for a party in the same month was gone.

After German Kindergarten with his loot.  You may not be able to see his crown for all the hair, but they hand made him a braided paper crown.  He was not amused and did not want to wear it, but he claimed that they made him.
So he was all smiles when he came home from kindergarten with a cup and toothbrush set that they gave him.  However, there was no left over cake and I had also promised Judah that if no left overs came home with Drew that I'd make a batch of brownies which I rarely do because, well, I'd be a thousand pounds.  I sort of have no will power to bake brownies and cookies without eating too many. I can make pies and cakes all day without taking a bite, but my weakness is brownies and cookies fresh out of the oven.  You people who can resist that or just eat one are not human.  My own husband falls into the "eat just one bite" (AKA not human) category.

Bobby thought the crown was awesome and has taken to keeping it in his room.  He wants everyone to remember their place under his throne.  He reigns supreme over all the Smith kingdom; he is a force to be reckoned with, has a baby charm to defeat all bad moods, and has a cry that gets him whatever he wants from his subjects.  Watch out, he bites if you dare to cross him or just hug him when he doesn't want you to.  You may have heard of King Tut, he is King Toot.
Drew opened presents that evening.  He received many Lego sets from aunts and uncles and grandparents.  We got him a light up (with sounds!) Kylo ren light saber and a Spinjitsu toy.

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