Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Farm Tour

This trip was with the Catholic homeschooling group and was to a local pumpkin patch.  I'll admit upfront that it was a bit of a photographic flop.  I got too carried away in watching my kids enjoy their time and didn't take many pictures.  We tried for a last minute group photo, but too many moms were wrangling their broods and it was just too hard.  This was organized by a new mom to the group, and it was the first field trip we've been on with the group since not many of us moms are brave enough to attempt to plan one of these.  I am so glad we have a new motivated mommy in the group!

It was a cold day with some big winds out at the farm.  We toured the dairy cows and saw their milking machines.  We had the chance to view and/or pet the calves, horses, chickens, pigs, etc.  My children, you know the sons and daughters of the veterinarian, were mostly not amused.  Much to her animal-loving mother's shock and dismay, Hannah pretty much is grossed out by most animals, especially baby chicks, because they poop.  I tried to tell her everybody poops, but it was no no use.  Judah was a clingy little man because he is in that phase that since Murray died they have all gone through where he's afraid of all animals.  Isaac and Drew didn't complain, and Genevieve is our true animal lover.  Bobby was particularly interested by the chickens as usual.

Then is was off to the pumpkin patch via a hayride with no hay.  It was in a trailer type thing with narrow benches on the edges, high walls, and, as I said, no t a piece of hay to be seen.  The children were given the instructions that they could pick any pumpkin they could carry themselves.  I knew that was trouble when I heard it.  My three oldest picked the biggest pumpkins ever and carry it they did.  Drew and Judah picked nice small ones.  I had my doubts that I'd get away without paying extra for the big pumpkins, but I did.  Somehow the three Euros per kid got me some big pumpkins.  And that was after I prepared the big kids that they needed to expect the pumpkin to be a small one that came with the entry fee.  Hannah pouted and said she wanted to go back to Maryland on the drive there, but she recanted in the afterglow of finding, carrying, and taking home a giant pumpkin.

You can probably tell by the pictures of just Drew and Judah that I was wearing Bobby and that the three oldest were off with their friends during the whole tour with only brief check ins with mom.
All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, ending with hot apple cider for us all and a bottle of pumpkin wine to take home.  I had to squeeze this trip into a very busy week of multiple trips to the doctor, hair salons, piano lessons, soccer practices, and Judah starting kindergarten (I had to stay the first week with him), and packing for a big trip to Italy, all while Brian was out of town for work.  However, in the end I was glad we did, because we needed some good time with friends just for fun.

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