Saturday, October 1, 2016

Best Fireworks Ever! (My memory did not play tricks on me.)

We've been to the Bernkastel-Kues fireworks reenactment of the historic battle of Verdun before, exactly nine years ago.  Back then and ever since, I have always said they were the best fireworks I have ever seen.  It actually ruined me for all 4th of July fireworks.  I always leave asking myself, "Is that really all they've got?"  "Were they always this piddly?"  I started to wonder years later if I had imagined it or built it up too much in my head.  Maybe they were not as awesome as I thought.  Maybe what I remembered wasn't even possible.

Uh uh, I remembered so right!  They were spectactular!  If you are coming to visit me us, come in September so you can experience the awesome.  I am going to try my best to go every year we are here even though it's crowded and a very late night (due to the darkness thing not happening until around 9pm.)  It's not a "been there, done that" kind of thing.

We brought my parents who had just arrived about five days before.  This was their first real outing.  We came early to claim a spot and eat fest food, and, of course, have some of the wine.  We sampled many things, as we usually do, splitting a flamkuchen and french fries with mayo.  Then we had some bratwurst and a couple of my kids had hamburgers (which I try to avoid in Germany for obvious reasons.)

Took a picture of my Robert Cecil in front of this sign just for fun.  Due to the whole attached at the hip thing, I was in the picture too.

My mom and dad with Hannah.  (Photo credit goes to Genevieve.)

And then we go to "claim our spot" before letting the kids ride a couple of the rides, but, whoops we both forgot to bring blankets and camping chairs. We talked about it, but we forgot to put them in the van.  Hard to claim a spot when you can't mark the area and most of your group takes off to ride the rides.  People here are aggressive about their space too.  One guy just sat right down and told us he "wasn't very big" even when we told him the space was saved.  Brian said I wasn't aggressive enough, and he is right.  You should have seen me trying to order my brat.  Ain't no lines in this country that is in every other situation uber orderly.  You have to be aggressive and assertive, something I am not, unless I am on a basketball court, of course.

A lady who sat in front of us, offered her yoga mat to my little guys when she realized we hadn't brought anything to sit on.  
I have two kids, Drew and Judah, who do not like fireworks.  At least that was the story they told before the show.  They don't like the loud noises and both cried a little at the last fireworks display at a Christmas market.  Judah has always been sensitive to loud noises, even when he was a baby.  Drew was just going through a phase.  We talked it up a lot and gave them the option of making it not so loud by putting their fingers in their ears.  Although Judah cuddled up tight next to Genevieve, he did great and loved it in the end.  Drew did fine without cuddles, because he is not a touchy guy.  Bobby went from being in awe at the first few, to giving me the, "I don't know about this, Mom," look for the next few, to LOVING. IT.  He was a baby fireworks rock-star in my book.  Might be a teensy bit biased, but who cares.

The show lasted a long time, and as I said before was an amazing display.  Can't say enough about it.  So great!  You gotta come see it!

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