Friday, September 30, 2016

Standing Tall and Taking Steps (in the same week!)

Bobby is making giant leaps in his development.  He started standing all of the sudden on his own time.  I'd been trying to get him to let go of my hands, but if he noticed I wasn't holding him he'd sit down immediately.  He now is standing up in the middle of the floor when you tell him to "stand up" or randomly when he feels like practicing.  Then while I was at the hospital with Hannah he took his first steps.

 That's right, I'm with the kid every day and the first day I am away he takes his first steps!  Where's the love?

This boy loves his books.  Just today I was wearing him in the Ergo when he asked for a book by pointing and grunting.  When I gave it to him, he opened it, propping it up on my chest, and proceeded to "read" it diligently.  A-dorable!
The day I came home he stood up and took two steps for me though so all is forgiven.  I am so happy that he seems to be making progress in the physical development.  He also put food on a fork/spoon to feed himself (in the same week).  He was previously completely disinterested in self feeding with a utensil.

Don't recall if I mentioned this before, but this is his mealtime book.  He must have a book during his meals.  It can get messy and dirty.  I picked one that we don't care too much about, but has lots of thing s to look at.  He likes these type of books when just looking at the pictures the best.  This book gets cleaned every once in a while with a wet wipe.  It has since broken in half and become two books.
He understands a ton and will point and grunt to get what he wants mostly, but he's definitely trying some words out too.  "Drink" and "Drew" are two new ones that sound very much the same so we have to go with context here.  He also says "Judah" and "Choo choo" very similarly.  And he is saying "Dino" and because it's a family joke he sometimes says, "Di-Uh uh" instead with the head shake.  He started saying "Papa" for my dad who is here visiting now.

His smiles kill me!
Other words he has said multiple times are: cat, thank you, moo (he leaves off the "oo" part, but consistently answers that a cow says "mmm" and I totally count that,) and Bob.  He also finally found a sign he likes to use.  And, boy, does he use it.  He signs please for everything!  Judah is probably the reason for this. If he signs please, Judah will give him anything he has even if he was still wanting to play with it.  All the kids really will give him anything he wants if he signs please.

As I write this up I am realizing that this guy has been busy learning some serious stuff.  I love this boy!

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