Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Teufeltour

I did not go on this hike, literally translated as the "Devil's Tour."  They walked six hours straight and it was another hot day.  Brian gave the kids a choice if they wanted to go and only Isaac and Genevieve chose to go.  Genevieve cried some big tears though when she failed to convince Hannah to go along too.  She pulled out all the stops from offering to do her chores, give her candy, and let her tickle her.  It was a legit desire, but she ended up having a great time with just the guys.  Hannah has a heart of stone, people.  I would've caved.

Waiting for me to come pick them up
They started at our house and ended at a restaurant in Eulenbis where I came to collect them in the van after they ate.  They got too late a start in the day for the whole walk.  All smiles and tired legs when I picked them up.

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