Saturday, September 3, 2016

Only in Germany will they shut the only road going into or out of your village down just for fun for a whole day!

We litterally could not drive into or out of our village for 12 hours during the day on that Sunday.  Our village church didn't even have a service because the priest couldn't get in.  Lucky for us we had a priest staying with us all month and we had Mass that morning in our living room.

The B270 is a pretty major road that goes through the heart of many villages.  We were roughly in the middle of the stretch that they shut down every year.  So we walked down to our village center to start the day out with some German food.  The big three (Hannah, Genevieve, and Isaac) rode their scooters.  We couldn't bike because we didn't find me a bike in time, nor did we have a good plan for what to do with Drew who didn't fit in our trailer for the two babies and can still not ride a bike.  So we walked, pushing Judah in the stroller, me wearing the Bobster, and Drew walking and bumming a ride from time to time in the stroller when Judah wanted out.  Sometimes Judah road in the backpack.  

I was starting to feel kinda icky, but it was pretty hot and sunny for around here and I was chalking it up to that.  Bobby had woken up with a little fever, but Tylenol brought it right down so I thought he'd be okay since we'd be cuddling all day while we walked.  Turns out the sunny, hot weather did not treat him well in the end.  It's so rare that we have that kind of day here that I just didn't think about it at all.  When we got home he had 103 temp.  Poor, sweet baby!  I felt horrible that I took him out in that heat when he turned out to be really sick.  That cold turned into a double ear infection later that week.  He had had high fevers for 6 days when I took him in.  The day after this event, I came down with the cold too.  It was a bad one.  It turned into bronchitis and kept me down for over a week.

When walked north of our village that day all the way through 3 villages to total over 8 km.  Then we celebrated with ice cream cones and playing in the fountains in Wolfstein.  There was a little girl playing naked in the fountain when we got there.  Bobby was dying to go in so I took off his clothes and had planned to leave his diaper on, but it swelled up to a level of nastiness that I thought it might be better to just take it all off.  What a cutie pie he was, crawling all over in the water with the cutest tush I've ever seen.  The whole time, I kept expecting someone to tell me to get my naked baby out of the fountain before he peed in it.  However, we are in Germany where they yell at you about how you need to dress your child warmer in the winter, but not for any naked babies in the summer no matter where they are.

Judah fell aseep half way through.

They call him Beerman.

Our resident priest with Isaac at one of the stops.  We pretty much stopped to get food and drink at each village.  We had brats, currywurst, waffles, apfel schorle, and beer.  We also bought some fresh honey from a local apiarist. 
Once we had our ice cream and naked fountain dance, we got on the train and headed back home.  The walk from the train up the hill to our house was a little bit rough after teasing our legs with sitting on the train.
We made it!  We celebrated with ice cream cones for all.

Somebody liked his ice cream.

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