Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Crafting Bug

I haven't been sewing or crafting much at all.  I have some hand sewing that I pick up in the evenings some days, but more often than not I am just too tired to do even that.  But when a baby is born, I have reason to dive in and make something.  I have two cousins who just had little girls.  For one of them I decorated this canvas bag that I had with the best name ever.  I love this name so very much.  I had a Quaker parrot, named Gwyneth.  

Then I made this baby Gwyneth two sets of Princess peg people.  Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming...

Beauty and the Beast..

But wait!  Flip that prince over, and you have the actual beast.

An attempt to show that they are one and the same

Bobby playing with our well loved saints and superheroes with our Melissa and Doug castle.

I did make another set for my other cousin's new baby girl, but I forgot to take pictures of them.  I made Mary (with her immaculate heart) and Jesus (Divine Mercy) for her.

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