Monday, September 5, 2016

My Judah Budapest, My Hidden Treasure Chest

Happy birthday to my Judah!  He turned three when we were driving back from Gent, Belgium.  So the day itself was a lot of car riding, but we stopped in Tongerin and Banneaux (an approved Marian apparition site) and had cupcakes when we got home.  He opened one present that morning that I brought with us, but saved the rest for the next day since we didn't have time to open gifts and enjoy them that night when we got home.  The gift he opened in Belgium was the Curious George jack-n-the-box that he had asked for us to get him.

This was at lunch in Tongerin after a morning of flea market shopping.

More on this in a later post, but here is our birthday boy in front of the healing springs in Banneaux.

Horrible picture, but this is his water table gift.  Everyone is enjoying it thoroughly, even Bobby.

His 3 year old privilege was to get out of the crib, but since his room isn't really big enough for a full sized bed we decided to take the rails off the side of the crib.  It has been a very easy transition for him.  He knows the rules are that he is not allowed out of bed unless someone comes to get him and he has only once broken that rule.  He got out of bed to get a story to read because he couldn't fall asleep one night.  I happened to be watching on the monitor and I used the intercom to tell him to get back in bed and it scared him half to death.  He jumped and ran back to bed crying.  Otherwise, he just hangs off of the bed sometimes in the morning before he calls for me, but never gets all the way out.

I am going to have a small "party" for him and Drew after Drew's birthday which is coming up here pretty soon.  We have a very busy fall ahead of us, so it's been hard to find a free weekend to do it.  

Judah is good at staying at the table during dinner now and I am letting him sit on the bench and not in the booster/high chair seat anymore.  Plus, he gets to start German kindergarten (AKA preschool) in October and so far he is looking forward to it.  I am hoping Drew will help him out and make it an easy transition for him.

These are best buddies.  

During prayers the other night he asked me, "When Bob dies, can we have a hamster?"  Um, yeah.  At first, I was appalled, then came the uncontrollable laughter, and then Drew corrected him.  "No Judah!  It's 'When Trinity dies can we have a hamster?'"  Trinity is our cat, so that is much more palatable to hear.  It shouldn't be funny, but I couldn't stop laughing writing this post.

All joking aside, Judah truly loves his baby brother and kisses and hugs him so much that Bobby (who is quite the cuddler) pushes hime away and hits him sometimes when he keeps doing it.  Judah is like Genevieve and just can't help himself.  He can't stand the cuteness and must hug and kiss him, no matter the consequences.

Here's a fun little interview with Judah I took a couple weeks before his birthday...

When asked by a friend if he does three with his first three fingers or his thumb and first two fingers, he replied incredulously, "There's no thumb in threes!"  He is a hoot, for sure.

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