Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bobby is just a late bloomer.

Bobby learned to say both "duck" and "quack" since turning one, although "quack" is much preferred by him.  He also has signed "More" a dozen times, but doesn't seem to be willing to use it instead of the loud grunting or screaming that gets things done so much faster.  (Yes, I am so guilty!)  He was signing "book" very regularly and then has completely stopped.  However, he has decided that pointing while screaming or grunting also gets the job done and makes his desires understood faster.  Recently he has transitioned to just pointing and and babbling for things unless we don't notice him then it escalates to a fussy sound.

Bobby LOVES LOVES LOVES books.  He looks at them on his own, and loves to be read to in his rocking chair and in the car by his siblings.  He even insists on having a book on his tray at mealtimes during the whole messy affair.  Since this can be so messy and we treasure our books so much around here, I picked an old Spanish-English picture dictionary that we are steering clear of because, frankly, the Spanish is confusing my German like crazy.  This book gets crazy sticky and has to be wiped down periodically, but for the most part I don't worry if it gets destroyed because it's not one we use for reading anyway.

See?  A book on the tray makes for a happy Bob!

I am not sure why he doesn't want to sign at all, but many times he will turn his face away from me when I am repeating a sign in hopes he will do it before I give him what he wants.  His occupational therapist thinks that he doesn't like to be pressured and wants to do things in his own time.  Another example of this, I was trying to get him to practice walking while holding hands throughout the day by having him stand holding my fingers and take a few steps whenever he wanted to be picked up.  He was doing it, but when he figured out I was trying to get him to go further or sometimes let go of his fingers when he seemed to be balanced he immediately started refusing to do it at all.  So much so that he will completely give up and not want to be picked up anymore when I try to do it.

Bobby has stood alone a couple of times, but only when we let go and he doesn't notice.  The minute he realizes it he carefully sits down as fast as possible.  He is creeping along furniture more often and more sure-footedly.  He also learned to do some crawling up steps.  He is a very cautious boy.  A friend of the girls tried to put him at the top of the slide, and he panicked and cried.  Poor guy is going to be afraid of stuff like Isaac was.  I was playing with him and the curtain fell over my face.  He started shaking and crying.  He was so scared.  Silly boy!

I wrote this post yesterday, but didn't publish it yet.  So I have an update.  Bobby stood on his own for about 30 seconds when he saw real, live ducks and swans for the first time ever.  He's kind of crazy about ducks right now and he got so excited he stood up with help and started to walk holding my fingers, but barely using them.  I tried to sneakily pull my fingers away and he didn't even notice because he was so excited about those ducks (and swans.)

The kids were playing "nap time" with him, I'm sure.  They've done it with all the babies, starting with Genna.

His first experience with sand was very different from my other kids at this age.  Most try to eat it immediately.  He played and played with it without tasting it for 20 minutes, and just when I think, "Wow!  He's not going to eat it!"  Bam!  He shoves a fistful into his mouth.

He had a mini language explosion recently.  He now says the following words and sounds:

All Done

Quack quack
(Roars like a lion)
Tick tock (for a clock sound)
(Hisses for a snake)

He knows the following body parts:

Tongue (He can show it to you if you ask him.)
Head (He can put something on top of his head if you ask him.)
Eyes (He will squeeze them shut.)
Nose (He sniffs through his nose when you talk about his nose.)
Hand (He can say the word and put his hand where you tell him.)

Bobby also gives the best kisses and hugs.  His kisses are funny because he sniffs his nose and says, "Mmmm," when he gives you a kiss with his lips closed.  He lays his head on you and pats you when he hugs.  

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