Monday, October 24, 2016

First Day of German Kindergarten: Judah


I know I've mentioned it before that German Kindergarten is really like preschool, or at least how preschool used to be.  They do some learning, but mostly they play, do crafts, story time, and singing.  In addition to that they have gym time and also an optional Musikschule (music school.)  The age range is 2-5 years old.  At 6 years old they begin 1st grade.

They had room for Judah to start this fall.  The first week they asked me to stay with him the whole time and increase the length of time each day.  Everyday when it was time to leave, he would ask to stay longer.  He was dying to go on the playground outside, but the weather didn't cooperate.  The only day they went outside, it was after we had left and the sun came out.  In fact, he still hasn't had one chance at going outside to the playground yet.  :(

Drew's not much of a hugger.  Judah is!  Drew  and Judah are getting along better since Judah started school as I had hoped.
Judah has adjusted swimmingly to going everyday.  I no longer have to stay, but he still is on a short schedule.  This means I take the boys at 8 or 9am, pick up Judah at 11:45am (just before lunchtime) and then return for a third and final time to pick up Drew at 2pm.  The point of this whole thing is to a) teach them German and b) give me more uninterrupted time to teach the older children.  As you can imagine that isn't happening yet since I am picking up Judah in the middle of it.  I am hoping it opens up more time as he begins to stay the full day.

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