Tuesday, January 10, 2012

17 weeks and almost 4 months old!

My sweet Drew! His new accomplishment this week is blowing raspberries. He is almost rolling to his tummy from his back,

but not quite.

His new toy experience is the Johnny Jumperoo, and it went pretty well.

I think he enjoyed it.

What do you think?

Sorry, I just couldn't

stop taking pictures of this cutie boy!

He had a good fussy couple of days at the beginning of last week which wasn't much fun for anyone, but I will not complain because I have fussy days sometimes too. Overall, he is a joy! Such a smiley boy that no one can get enough of him around here.

He goes to sleep without crying once I leave the room, but he goes through phases where he will scream while I am reading, praying, and singing to him. It is a little annoying because that is our quiet time together, or rather it is supposed to be. Sometimes he doesn't do this and settles in, grabbing onto my thumb and finger to hold as he relaxes with me. Those are the moments that I love. Sometimes he will cry at the beginning and then suddenly relax and be nearly asleep. It is possible this is when he gets overly tired, but the times when I know I have kept him up too long are the times when he doesn't cry. So I am not exactly sure if this is random or caused by the degree of tiredness. Either way, he normally cries while I zip him up in his Woombie for just a moment, but settles right away 98% of the time. The other 2% he cries a few minutes after I leave, usually less than 5 minutes though. He's a champ!

He has not pooped in the middle of the night all week which is wonderful! He is waking earlier (~5:30am) than he was when I was nursing him in the middle of the night (~7am.) Since Isaac got into such a terrible habit of waking at 5:00am or earlier. I am really trying not to make this the norm. Three times when I have left him to cry it out he has actually gone back to sleep, but just as many times he hasn't. If he doesn't I get him up at 6am. His naps have been longer this week. I guess he is catching up from the shorter ones for several weeks before that. He also is waking if he sleeps in his car seat whenever we move him in or out of the car which is a bummer because now we have to try to leave when he is awake, be back in time for the next nap, and keep him awake in the car. This is harder than it sounds because he is only awake for 1.5 hours in between naps. I can't do much with 4 kids in that amount of time. This means he is going to have to have a short nap while we are out for piano, AHG, etc. Lucky for him, we do school at home and really can't leave a ton anyway or we wouldn't get anything accomplished.

I have tried and tried to get this little guy to take a pacifier, but so far he is looking like a possible thumb sucker. He is my only kid that has ever even found his thumb more than a couple times. The others sucked on their whole fists, which he does do from time to time.

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