Sunday, January 8, 2012

Asleep at the wheel

I mean at the table! Check this out!

This is what happens when you really don't want to eat your split pea soup and you missed your afternoon nap.

I carried him up to bed after discovering him like this long after everyone else had left the table. As I am laying him in bed, he halfway woke up and said, "Mom, when I get big like you and dad..." There was a long pause, and I wasn't sure if he was awake or not. Then he repeated that part of the sentence again with another pause. Then he finished the thought, "maybe I will learn to eat better."

He is normally a good, but slow eater. I have found that all of our 3 year olds just don't eat as well and have many nights where they sit at the table for a long time before either suddenly finishing or deciding they are full. This particular night was "dessert night" which we only have twice a week, and Hannah was making these Magic Marshmallows from her cook book. Isaac really wanted some, but he was just too tired. Don't worry, we'll save his for another night. I'm not that mean!


Becca said...

This is so cute. Glad you caught a picture! And I'm a little glad we're not the only ones with a 3 yr old still working on his meal long after everyone else. But I do hope the boys pick up the speed soon!

Rich said...

Put some Saran Wrap over it, put it back in the fridge....Pea Soup for dinner....or breakfast. They'll eat it. Even starving people will eat Pea Soup. It doesn't do much for your ego as a chef, but they'll learn not to waste food.

I love it when they're nodding off in these situations. The eyelids start dropping, their head starts falling, they fight it, but it's inevitable. Narcoleptic attack!

Jennifer said...

He is so adorable!!