Monday, January 2, 2012

The Sweetest Moment

Isaac and I have had a conversation in the past about how when he gets big he can be a dad, but he has to find a wife because I can't be his wife since I already have a husband. Before bed one night this week we were discussing him being more respectful of his brother when I am putting him to bed and not interrupt. I told him he is getting big now and has to be a good big brother to Drew. I, after being questioned, explained that he will always be older than Drew even when he is an adult. He then says questioningly, "I can be a dad and get another mom to marry?" I said you can find a wife to marry and be the mom of your kids. Yes." Suddenly his bottom lip curls out and he bursts into tears saying, "You can't be my wife?" I hugged him and calmed him down, and then tried to clarify that I will always be his mommy, I just can't be his wife. But I will be his mommy and love him forever and ever until the day I die. Well, that was the wrong thing to say, and I knew it even as the words slipped out of my mouth. There went the lip again. "You're going to die?" he asks in a teary voice. I quickly assured him I wouldn't die anytime soon (God willing.) I reassured him he would always be my son and I would always be his mom. What a wonderful moment for me to hold in my heart as he grows up and leaves me. Raising sons is so much different than raising daughters. I am so blessed to have two of each!

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