Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing and Organizing

This week the kids played with their new toys while I made room for the said toys by reorganizing everyone's room. I, like Hannah, LOVE to organize. On Wednesday, Hannah went to a friend's house while Genna and I spent some time together during the boys' naps. We organized her part of the room and filled out her, "Big Sister" book she got for Christmas. She had been asking for us to do that together since she got it. Genna is so easy to please. The whole time we were cleaning, she kept saying, "This is so fun, Mom!" I am so flattered that she can be so happy just to be with me alone no matter what we are doing.

Hannah was Genna's servant and dressed her up, even did her hair.

Hannah is enjoying her reading and wiggling the tooth that came out later that evening (with Daddy's help.)

Genna is showing off her Easy Feet. They saw this infomercial while I was watching the news one morning and kept talking about how much they wanted it. Genna said she didn't want to do that one legged dance in the shower, a direct quote from the commercial. I found it on sale and was slightly intrigued with it myself.

Doesn't my baby look like a real boy? Stop that growing, Buddy!

We have had Daddy home most of the week from work so we were blessed with his fire place skills on the first really cold day in a while.

Of course, Drew and Daddy did some football watching in front of that fire.

The Legos have been a huge hit with the three big kids. They have been playing all together with them very nicely.

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