Saturday, December 31, 2011

15 Weeks Old (written last Tuesday)

Drew is getting stronger and stronger. He does little baby sit ups which are pretty funny looking. On his back, he can arch his back up and push with his legs, getting ready to roll from back to tummy, but it may still be a while. On his tummy, he can push his arms straight, one at a time and lift his legs way off the ground and he is starting to do the "airplane." His abs are far surpassing mine, that's for sure.

Christmas festivities really messed up his schedule and those nights that I didn't tell you about him sleeping through are long gone. He has been waking at 2:30/3am again. I am contemplating sending Brian in for the old diaper change and put back down while he is off work this week. I am trying to gear myself up for it because I think it needs to be done before her turns 4 months old and his schedule has to be changed and extended again. I am still undecided as of now.

Drew is definitely figuring out the fuss for attention thing. Having lots of people around him over the week made this worse because everyone goes running to a fussing/noisy baby and showers him with attention. He grunts and hollers until someone pays attention to him, at which time he immediately smiles as big as he can. At home, I don't ignore him completely, but neither do I go running at his every whim. Usually, it is just a boredom thing, and if I move him somewhere new he is happy again. When we homeschool, I sit near him to try and keep him quieter only because the noise is distracting to my little students and I don't like to have to "yell" over him to be heard.

His new toy experience of the week is busting out the excersaucer. He didn't love it the first couple of times and kind of just sat there, but then he started grabbing for things and he likes it more now. He is getting better at grabbing things and always tries to get them in his mouth if it will reach.

He is settling into somewhat of a pattern with his naps, not a great pattern, but at least its a pattern. Patterns help me not to get too frustrated even when it isn't the schedule I wanted for him. He is taking two longer naps in the morning and midday, followed by two 45 minute naps in the late afternoon and evening. I think once we move to the four month/four hour schedule this may end up evening out since he will be dropping the last nap and extending waketimes. With his four naps and dreamfeed, he is nursing 6 times a day. That makes 7 times in a 24 hour period when he wakes at night.

Did I mention this kid can drool?

Drew has developed a touch of Excema in the last week. It started only on his cheeks, elbows, and knees. Since then it has spread to his neck, feet, and a little spot by his mouth. I was using Cetaphil, but I found Hannah's old tub of Aquafor and am going to start using that instead. It is greasier, like Vaseline.

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I've never seen a bigger baby! He is beyond cute!!!