Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I am getting ready for Christmas on the blog a little early because I am hoping to stay away from the computer for the next few days while I try to cook, get ready for the big day, and, most importantly, spend quality time with the family without school to get in the way. I often miss just having more time to just play with the kids since beginning homeschool.

My menus for the next few days, just for fun...

2nd Annual German Christmas Party (with friends)
German potato pancakes with applesauce
Cheese straws

Christmas Eve (with Hannah and Isaac's godfather and our immediate family)
Pumpkin pasta
Egg salad mini sandwiches
Zucchini Puffs
Cranberry Margaritas

Christmas Day (with my aunt, uncle, and cousins)
Brined and fried turkey (everyone's favorite, big hit at Thanksgiving)
Brown gravy
Mashed potatoes
Jellied cranberry sauce (kid's favorite cranberry sauce, just the canned kind)
Cherry pie (aunt's favorite pie)
7up salad (uncle's favorite and my mom's recipe)

We have entirely too many gifts under the tree, less than a dozen are from Brian and I. Most have arrived in the mail from family for the kids. Crazy! We are going to Mass first thing on Christmas morning and then will come back for the opening of presents. After that we head to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner and family fun. The kids have been working on a poem and a song to perform at my uncle's house. It will be so fun!

I'll be back after Christmas (if I can stay away!) with lots and lots more pictures and stories! Merry Christmas!

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