Thursday, December 22, 2011

14 weeks

Drew rolled over twice this week from his tummy to his back. He is pushing up a bit and lifting up his legs to make himself rock from side to side. Most of the time his arm is in the way (which seems to always be the stumbling block for rolling) or he would be rolling all the time. His chubby-cuteness is irresistible to me. I wouldn't do anything all day but look at his cuteness and kiss his chubs if I could get away with it.

He is going to sleep on his own well, crying usually less than one minute. He does cry or fuss a bit during our bedtime routine, usually at the beginning of it when I am reading him a book. I just carry on, and he usually calms down and starts sucking on his fist at some point. He occasionally will close his eyes towards the end of the routine, but he wakes a bit when I lay him down and zip him up in his Woombie swaddle. As for the evenings, he is improving. He predictably wakes up and cries for 5-10 minutes about 45 minutes after bedtime and then goes back to sleep. He sometimes wakes up before I go get him for his dreamfeed right at 10pm, but if he does this he always has a dirty diaper then. He is still having days when he does mostly 45 minute naps, but he has catch up days as well. I think this will balance out with time, so I am not too worried about it. He seems to be happy most of the time to wake up and wait a bit to nurse if it is too early for another feeding. I usually don't wait more than 30 minutes, if that, so that we can stay on the sleep, eat, wake cycle. I admit I am a tiny bit superstitious about a baby's night time sleep. In my experience, the minute I tell someone that my baby is sleeping through the night, he invariably stops. So, what I will not do is say that Drew has slept through the night four times this week. I will not do it, so don't ask!

He is fast approaching the four month mark when schedules start to change. Ideally, we will move closer to a 4 hour schedule during the day, but we shall see. I am kind of nervous about this age since Isaac was doing so well until he hit that four month mark. (For Isaac, a lot happened that month too, and I am hoping it was all the chaos of dad leaving for a long trip, an overseas flight, and RSV that played a large part in that disruption.) Four months seems to be a dicey age all around though from what I have read. Genna started needing a little more guidance in her sleep training at that age, but I do not recall Hannah having any trouble at that age. Every child is different, and I thank God for that!

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Jennifer said...

Haha, I see what you did there! :) I'm a little superstitious that way, too! Every time I talk about how easy and wonderful Conley's gotten, things take a turn for the worse! Now I try to only talk badly about him. ;)