Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Part 3

The picture we took of Hannah putting the baby Jesus in his crib and Isaac putting the nativity Jesus in his manger didn't come out, but you can see the newborn King in his crib behind Hannah in this picture.

They opened presents that they put together, wrapped, and put under the tree themselves. Hannah gave her sister money and a bunch of nicknacks that she thought Genna would like. Genna was super grateful as you can see here.

Hannah also gave me money, a card, some art work, and other random things from her room. She gave all her birthday money away to Genna and me. She gave Godfather Brian and her dad a box of things too. It was very sweet of her to get in the spirit of giving. I remember my sister and I doing the same thing when we were little too.

Genna gave Hannah a "Sister" snowman ornament that she picked out at the store and gave her 21 cents in a paper gift bag with tissue paper because "Hannah likes to make things out of bags and tissue paper." Cute, and it was all very appreciated!

Brian secretly bought gifts, not only for me, but for everyone. I now understand why he didn't tell me about all the kids' gifts he purchased. I think the next picture says it all.

Yes, a BB gun. For a three year old. "You'll shoot your eye out." Need I say more? It has been promised that it will be a highly supervised toy. The big kicker though is that Isaac didn't know what a BB gun was and asked his dad, "Do you shoot babies with it?" It took Hannah a few minutes to figure out that he misunderstood Daddy and thought he said "Baby gun." Whew! Hopefully, Drew will be spared now that we have clarified that it is a BB gun and stressed that you don't shoot anybody with it, including and especially babies.

Can you find the baby in the next picture? It's like Where's Waldo!

Hannah got a chess game with a story book that teaches the rules and strategies of the game, some more clothes for her American Girl Doll, some Barbies, and a big stack of books, mostly mysteries. Genna got a Rapunzel dress, a mini American Girl Doll, a Mother Mary Barbie, a bunch of books, and a much loved stuffed llama that she named Minnie. Isaac got a remote control car, more trains, playdough, and a Hot Wheels track. They all got Legos too. Drew received clothes, a stuffed duck, and some cute anchor hooks for his room.

Daddy was given a Soda Stream to make his bubbly water and a big tool box/organizer. I was the recipient of way more than I expected this year, new lamps for our bedroom, a new crockpot, and a hollow bench for our entryway to hold winter extras that clog up our coat closet.

We Skyped with my family while we opened their gifts.

I need to plan ahead better next year and not leave any cooking for the morning of Christmas next year because while all this was going on, I burned the cherries that were to go in my pie and had to start over. Plus, poor baby Drew got overly tired because I forgot all about his schedule in the chaos. Godfather Brian to the rescue!

We changed clothes, and we packed up the car and some lunches for the kids and headed to my aunt and uncle's house.

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