Friday, December 16, 2011

3 months

Technically, he was 3 months on Tuesday, but we have had a busy week with school, doctor appointments, and getting ready for Christmas.

Drew is 3 months old now. This milestone age seems to have brought on longer waketimes (increased from 1.25 to 1.5 hours at a time) and shorter naps which isn't supposed to happen. :) I am trying to figure out why suddenly (for the last week) more often than not his naps are 45 minutes in length when they used to be mostly 1.5-2 hours long. This started about 4 days after I dropped that 8th feeding so I tried nursing him 8 times again, but it did not appear to help nor be needed. So I am trying to figure it out, but maybe it is just a phase that will pass. Please, God let it be a phase that will pass sooner than later.

He is also more aware of and a bit more attached to me. It is nice when they are comforted by your mere voice or presence, but with that comes the awareness of when you are not there and when you are not paying attention to them. He watches me now if I leave the room and is not quite so happy just to be left on a blanket as he was before. He is much happier if I am sitting close by or talking to him. He's going to have to get over this because I have three other kids demanding my attention. He'll learn.

Another change is that my quiet child who I sometimes would forget about because he was so quiet has turned into a very noisy grunter over the last week or so. Wow, is it ever hard to teach the big kids over his grunting and "talking!" He is making all kinds of sounds now, but mostly grunts.

Brian got back this past weekend from his two week trip, and it actually took Drew a day or so to remember him and be comfortable with him again. I was surprised by this since he is still so young. I didn't think he would notice.

Still a big chunker and wearing 6 and 9 month clothing and moving into size 3 diapers due to several blowouts and more changes of clothes than I care to discuss.

His favorite toys of the week are blankets to chew on.

He is reminding me a little of Isaac these days. Check out this old post when Isaac was around the same age and compare it to this one of Drew.

Then compare this sleeping photo of Isaac to this one of Drew.

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