Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tube Fairy

Isaac had a routine follow-up appointment at the ENT on Monday. The girls had a play date, and, therefore, it was just the boys and me for the afternoon. Isaac had a great time! He loved his doctor, also named Isaac, loved seeing the inside of his ear on a big TV, and loved asking a million questions about how everything works. He was super cute when the doc asked if he could look in his ear. Isaac replied, "Yes, but if it hurts sometimes I might cry, but only sometimes...yeah." The doctor took out a tube that had been hanging out in the middle of one of his ears. Isaac was so brave and excited to take it home to show his sisters the gross wax covered tube. The doctor even told him he could try putting it under his pillow and see if the "tube fairy" would take it and leave him money. That's a funny idea. Isaac forgot to put it under his pillow, but the tube fairy came anyway and left a dollar at his spot at the breakfast table in the cup where the tube had been.

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