Saturday, January 7, 2012

"No interupting" clips

Wednesday, Isaac went to get a "no interrupting" clip (I made these clips that hang on a folder with busy work and each has the favorite color ribbon attached for each child) to put on me while I was working with one of the girls to tell me in a polite way that he wanted/needed my attention. He waited patiently while I got to a stopping point. I asked him what he needed. He said with his big smiley cheeks, "I love you." That was it, and he ran to put the clip back in its place. He really loves his mommy, and he also really loves using the "no interrupting" clips. :) A little bit later, he kept bothering Genna while she was supposed to be doing her independent work. I told him to "stop interrupting her work" and he replied, "Oh, can I put a clip on Genna?" No. Those are just for mommy. :)

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