Tuesday, June 5, 2012

38 Weeks: He's a creeper.

Drew stood for the first time without holding on to anything.  I think it was an accident though since the thing he was holding onto moved.  I doubt it happens again for awhile.  It ended in what looked like a facer that apparently did not hurt enough to cry about.  It amazes me how fast things change once they figure out the crawling.  Every week for the last month has been a new step in physical development.  He is pulling up all the time now on everything, and even starting to try to move along the furniture.  He doesn't seem super steady to me, but he rarely falls.  He even seems to be okay with getting down on his own.  I was telling Brian that I think his unsteadiness is due to his feet being little balls of fat.  You try standing on little tennis balls and see how steady you seem.

Drew's guardian angel was really watching out for him this week.  His life was saved by a thread, not once, but twice!  First time I was on the phone with my mom and I walked into the dining room for a second to turn off the light.  When I walked back into the kitchen I immediately saw Drew headed straight for the top of the basement stairs and someone had opened the door and left.  (The culprit turned out to be Isaac, BTW.)  I got there just in time to grab his leg and pull him back from the stairs.  I gave many lectures about this door being closed when Drew is awake, including a demo with a doll to show what would happen if Drew went down the stairs.  (Yeah, that was a little dramatic, but that's just how this mom is.)  I may have to lock that door when the little guy is crawling around.  They are not used to having to keep it closed yet since it is usually left open so the cat can get to her food/litter.  

Two unique things about Drew I have noticed are that he pulls on his ear when he is sleepy and has the scratches behind his ear to prove it.  Also, when I rock him, he has always had trouble getting comfortable on me, but the last two weeks he has taken to laying his head on the padded arm of the chair instead of my apparently uncomfortable self.  It's actually really cute.  As soon as his head is on the arm of the rocking chair he smiles a bit and starts blinking his eyes.

The second close call was when I was sitting inches away from Drew checking my emails.  (Man, I sound like a bad mom, but cut me some slack I am on vacation.  School's out!)  Anyway, I hear this sucking/slurping sound.  I look at Drew and he is eating something.  I assume it is a Cheerio that he found under the kitchen table because, well, let's be honest here, that happens...a lot.  I turn back to what I was doing and when I heard the sound again the Holy Spirit told me that was not a Cheerio sound.  I squeezed his cheeks and did a swipe to find 3/4 of a grape in his mouth.  "Praise God!" is all I have to say.

And so I don't leave you on that note, I will say that Drew is the splashiest (in the tub), wiggliest, and kickiest baby I have had the pleasure of co-creating.  Seriously.  Just try to bathe this guy or change his diaper.  I work up a sweat just changing his clothes.  He's a good sleeper though, and every mom knows that's what really counts.  :)

This is a hard core 2 hour nap from which I am about to wake him.

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