Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where we met...

All the big kids together posing for a picture.

Genna and her godparents
Texas A&M was where Brian and I first met our freshman year in college.  It's where Brian and I met and said "good bye" to good friends.  It's where we were married and later where we became Catholic.  It is where we bought our first house, owned our first dog (okay, 2 dogs,) and where Brian graduated from vet school.  It is also where Genna's godparents live, so we had to make a detour in our trip to visit them.
We also met Godfather Brian at Texas A&M in inorganic chemistry lab.  Isaac got a picture with his godfather too.

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Rich said...

It was special to see everyone. We were so sad that we had a sick baby and couldn't have you guys over. We ate hotdogs for days trying to use up the buns we'd bought :P.

Next time you come through, we're going to have a bigger home and can more comfortably host a large crowd, so let's shoot for a rain check with lunch, ok?