Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun in the Rain

 Hannah had a fever on Wednesday and was being quarantined upstairs.  During dinner, a storm started to blow in and the rest of us went on the porch to enjoy the breeze and wait for the rain to start.  It didn't take long for the down pour to begin.  Genna and Isaac are my puddle jumpers (Hannah doesn't like to get wet or dirty!)  and they were making plans to jump in the puddles the next day.  I was thinking the sun would probably dry the puddles before they got the chance which led me to my spontaneous decision.  The kids were awestruck when I told them to take off their shoes and run around in the rain.  I guess I am not spontaneous often enough for my kids to even believe it is possible.  Shame on me!

They had lots of fun until the thunder started, and I sent them in for baths/showers.  The best part is that Hannah didn't miss anything since she wouldn't dare participate in such messy fun.

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Leah Boatwright said...

Hope Hannah feels better soon.

Looks like Genna and Isaac had so much fun!! Cannot wait to see everyone June 22nd! Counting down the days...

See you all soon!

Love you,