Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Isaac Stories

Brian told Isaac to come to him because he had to tell him a secret.  He told him, "I love you, Bud."  Isaac replies, "Can I tell people?"

There was an early baseball game on Memorial Day in the middle of the cul de sac.  We had extra kids at the house overnight and so the whole house was up at 6:30am which is early for us to ALL be awake.  So Brian took them all (minus Drewy) out to play baseball at 7:30am.  The neighbors heard the commotion and sent their kids out too.  One little girl was getting upset that she wasn't fast enough to get on base.  Isaac tells her he will race her and "go slow so she can win."  Sweet boy!  She told her parents that Isaac is nicer than all the boys at her school.

While reading Isaac one of his favorite Magic Tree House books, he asks me why Jack closed his eyes.  I told him he was scared and sometimes people close their eyes when they are scared so they don't have to see what is making them scared.  He says, "Oh, I think he was closing his eyes because gnats were flying around his face."  Can you tell it is gnat season in Maryland?

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