Friday, May 18, 2012

American Heritage Girls Award Ceremony

Hannah is a Tenderheart in American Heritage Girls.  Next year Genna will get to be one too.  Hannah's award ceremony, to give badges and such, was earlier this week.  She received the Joining Award and the Fire Safety, Toys and Games, Home Care and Repair, and Flag badges.  That means I have some sewing to do.
Hannah is posing for a photo after being given the badges.  It was an Olympic themed ceremony.

Now Hannah is posing for just me after the ceremony.
Hannah has made some sweet friends in this group and it is all homeschooling families (mostly Catholic) since the meetings are during the day.  I love that AHG is a great substitute for the more liberal scouting programs available to girls  and that AHG upholds the morals we want to instill in our daughters.

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