Monday, May 7, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow Genna's turning six!

 Genna's Rainbow Party was this afternoon.  This was a really fun party to put together.  Genna lucked out because I had my energy back for this one.  First we made a list of all the guests and assigned them all colors of the rainbow.  This turned out to be a lot handier than I even imagined because I was able to serve food and cake by rainbow color instead of having a 10 little girls and 3 little boys all asking me for something at the same time.  I also assigned teams by color and there wasn't anyone left out.

The invitations were super easy.  I found these card stock already cut and in the colors of the rainbow.  I printed out the info in different color font.  Then I added the adorable stickers of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Baking the rainbow cake was a little more involved than I thought it would be, and definitely a lot messier.  The cake is always my favorite part of any party though.  The plan was to make the cake a rainbow swirl and to decorate it with a Skittle rainbow.

I made my regular white cake batter and then divided up the cake batter into small bowls.  I used food gels to color the batter.

Then I layered (starting with red since I would be flipping it over) in two different pans.

This is what the baked cakes looked like in the pans.
I sorted Skittles.

 To ice it, I colored most of the icing blue with Wilton dye, and left a bit white.  I put a layer of white icing in between the layers of cake and used it for the clouds also.  I had a vision of the rainbow fanning out and was pleased that it worked out.  When I was adding the clouds, I was inspired to curve around the edge and down the side of the cake.  This led me to extending the rainbow down the side of the cake as well, but I did have to wrestle the Skittles back from my brother-in-law first.  Then I added Skittles around the bottom edge instead of piping.

Rainbow party prizes

Genna's rainbow wreath- I got the idea for this here.  This is a stinky picture, but there are flowers from the whole rainbow made out of felt.  I also put stickers to spell her name on the mini banner.

Extra mini rainbow fruit trays- These were a big hit and there was only a few pieces of fruit left on one of the three fruit trays at the end of the party which Genna quickly ate while we were cleaning up.
Rainbow fruit tray with marshmallow clouds and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
 We set up for the party and the girls helped with some last minute details after mass.

Notice the rainbow goldfish next to the cute birthday girl?

Skittles jar for anyone who doesn't get a skittle part of the cake.  Yea for not having kids ask for a certain slice of the cake!

Brian even found some multicolor potato chips.
 I made the pom poms hanging over the table and outside from the tree from tissue paper after watching a YouTube video.  I just hot glued the banners together. 
Hanging pom poms from the front tree to help people find the house.
 The favors were a headband that I made out of rainbow ribbon and elastic, their t-shirts that they decorated during the party, a note pad I made out of paint samples, and some "gold" from the pot at the end of the rainbow (AKA mini Reece's.)  All the favors were, of course, the color that the child was assigned to when they received their invitation.

As guests arrived they donned an apron and got to decorating their shirts with fabric markers.

After a quick game of rainbow tag the pizzas arrived and everyone dug in.

They modeled their shirts for a rainbow picture!  I am going to print these to send with the "thank you" cards.

My favorite part...the rainbow picture!

 Games included rainbow tag, an egg on a spoon race with matching plastic eggs to their assigned colors, and a three-legged race.  The blue team won the three-legged race.

Red Team!
Add they're off!

Singing to our Rainbow Girl!

Look how the inside turned out.  I was very happy with the result.

Opening gifts
 The final activity was the water balloon toss.  This was saved for the end in case everyone was soaked.  Nothing like picking up your daughter from a party sopping wet, right?  Better than having 13 wet kids trampling through my house!
Water balloon toss turned into water balloon chaos.
This party totally wore me out!  Whew!  I am going to bed!


Mary said...

What a wonderful party! You did such a great job! =) Looks like the birthday girl had a great day! Sorry our gift will be a little late. Got it in the mail today. Be on the lookout for it to arrive later this week!

The Pilots Wife said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm a lazy party thrower. I like the idea of themed parties, but not all the work that goes with them. Well done! You probably need a nap. :)