Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drew's 8 months old now! (35 Week Update)

Drewy's eyes are still blue!
Drew has never been consistently fun to rock and read to before bed.   He has the bedtime routine wiggles.  It goes something like this...

Drew turns around to face me.  I try to read a book to him while he wiggles incessantly, alternating between straightening out his legs and rubbing his face on me.  I try to engage him in the book or show him a picture and he usually refuses.  Drew wiggles down where his face is buried in my stomach and his legs are on my lap.  I pull him up on my shoulder.  Repeat.  At this point I occasionally put the book down in efforts to hold on to the wiggle worm and read by heart since I have all these books memorized.  Then I pray with him as well as I can while he continues in the manner described above, usually praying for extra patience for me.  Then I sing the song.  Aah!  Here he finally settles down usually.  It is sudden.  One minute he is kicking and burying his face and the next he is still and blinky.  Usually before I can finish one song, many times he is asleep or almost asleep.  I lay him down no matter what he is doing at this point and he goes to sleep with little to no fussing most of the time.

So that is what I go through three or four times a day.  Every time I am about ready to throw in the towel on the whole routine and just lay him down he gets better about it and I change my mind.  I feel like that is our "special"(I use that term loosely since only the last 30 seconds are actually enjoyable to either one of us) time alone which is rare in his little babyhood, being number 4, and I think the rest of the kids learned a lot during story time and prayer time as they grew up.  I don't want to give up on him yet.  If I have the time I am trying to read an extra book to him right before we actually make it to the rocking chair and see if he enjoys that more.  The jury is still out on that one.

His nap schedule is changing.  He started sleeping for two 2 hour long naps, and so I dropped his third nap on the days he did that (most of the week,) but Saturday evening I gave him that third nap since he woke from his second before 3pm.  I put him to bed for the night just a tad later (since he had an evening nap) and he cried for 30 minutes before falling asleep which he almost never does.  I can only think of one or two times he has done that in his whole life at bedtime.  Since then he has been off.  The last 2 days when I put him down for the evening nap he cried through it, only 30 minutes.  I am not sure yet if this is due to my changing his schedule around or just another one of those mysterious baby phases. 

He is getting better at crawling on the carpet, but still scooting a lot on the hard floor.  He has learned to play "Where's Drew?"  He hides his face and then looks at us and giggles when we say, "There he is!" 

Drew eats a lot.  None of my other kids ever ate more than one jar of baby food, especially not Isaac.  But Drew can finish 2 easy most meals.  I am just now adding in a lunch for him.  Another thing that is startlingly different from the other three kids is that he doesn't gag when I add texture of finger foods to his meal.  Hannah and Isaac took a while before they could eat anything that didn't dissolve in their mouths.  This week Drew tasted some finger foods, like tiny pieces of chicken, diced banana, pears, and raspberries, and even pasta that I squished up pretty good.  He has really caught onto the drinking from a soft spout sippy cup or bottle.  He sucks down the water pretty well now and this has helped the constipation tremendously!  Praise God!  In fact, I could swear the boy is signing "drink" now.  I'll have to see if it is reproducible though because it was just Tuesday morning.  I thought he was signing "eat" but he got mad when I tried to feed him and it was right after Isaac brought me his sippy cup.  So I offered it and he was happy with that.  Time will tell if it was really a sign.

Hannah is a natural with babies!  It's great to have a helper who knows how to make a baby happy.

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