Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drew's 33 Week Update

Drew loves bathtime!  He is going to be the cleanest one in our house.  I practically have to throw the girls in the shower these days.  Drew and Isaac have started taking baths together in the last few weeks. Baths are a life saver these days since he has been so fussy.  He is also the bravest one about water being dumped on his head.  Drew even taught Isaac to stop being such a wuss about it.  I told Isaac to watch Drew get his hair rinsed and see how brave his baby brother is.  That was all it took, because Isaac wants nothing more than to be brave.

I love his face in this one, even though his eyes were closed.
Drew tried mangoes, papayas, carrots, and watermelon this week.  He has never turned down a bite of any kind of food (except when we were on vacation.)  He will eat and eat until he pops!  After he swallows one bite, he opens his mouth like a little bird for the next.  Super cute!

Breastfeeding is another story.  He gets very easily distracted and then the meal is over.  I often have to hide in my bedroom to get him to nurse, and recently he has decided my book that I am reading is too interesting as well.  What a stinker!

This week Drew made huge leaps and bounds toward crawling.  He is rocking on his hands and knees a lot now.  The very same day that started, he began throwing himself forward in hopes of reaching something.  He also started pulling himself with his arms (on his belly) on the hard floors since his legs slip out from under him easier there.  Oh dear, baby-proofing, here we come!  This guy is going to be TROUBLE when he gets the coordination down and really takes off.  He is, by far, the wiggliest baby I have ever had.  He can not be still, nor we he tolerate cuddling of any sort.  You have to be sneaky and fast to get a cuddle in, which just kills Genna.  He also doesn't like his face to be touched or cleaned, and he doesn't like to be given Tylenol (which he frequently throws up after I finally get it down him.)  Since he is strong and wiggly those two things are a bit tricky to do without 4 extra arms.  He is still not a fan of story time in the rocking chair before bed.  Although he doesn't mind me reading to him during playtime.

Also, Drew has been sneaky and hiding something from me, and it's not just the Cheerio I found in his crib.  I knew he was getting close to getting his first tooth on the bottom.  But lo and behold, two teeth poked through on Sunday morning(just barely,) one on the bottom where I was watching and the other diagonal from it on the top.  So that is his bottom right and top left that are poking through, but the other two next to them are on their way as well.  That is hopefully what is causing the fussies, but I think he just spoiled.

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