Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drew at 32 weeks

Drew had a tough week, but he was great for our trip.  He loves to be entertained, loves to be outside and so the trip was right up his alley.  He is still not crawling, but he got from his tummy to a sitting position once this week.  He is lifting himself up onto his hands and feet for brief moments.  He also tried to pull up once, but he was unsuccessful.  Ouch.  

He is getting clingy with me, which is right on schedule.  I am hoping it is a short phase like with Hannah.  He will still go to people.  It is more like crying for me to feed him instead of dad, or crying when I walk through a room when he was happy 2 seconds before.  

He started eating green beans this week and is loving the Cheerios, but he can't get them into his mouth on his own yet.  He is still struggling with constipation, despite the crazy fibrous diet I have him on, and he had his second glycerin suppository this week.

I think his teeth are close, but I think I said that last week.  I keep hoping they are and the fussiness will go away when they come through.  Hoping for a better week!

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