Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My littlest reader

Isaac's reading a lit bit now. He is so proud that he can sound out words and read the Bob beginners books.

He wants to read like his big sisters so badly, but he can only handle short lessons right now with his attention span. Boys don't sit still as long as girls. Shocking, isn't it? Also, he is a bit of a frustrated perfectionist. If he doesn't get something perfectly right the first time, he gets very frustrated. So, we do his lessons when he asks for them (several times a week usually) and stop if it is too hard for him to sit still or he gets frustrated. We do try to end on a good note though.

His biggest problem is guessing the ending of the word sometimes instead of patiently sounding it out. I am not sure if this is overconfidence or if he's just getting tired.

Genna wanted to show off the book she is reading right now, The Iron Horse. She is so proud that she can read books that have almost 200 pages with no pictures. :)

**Since writing this post, Isaac has started being able to write and spell short phonetic words (like stag, mat, dad, mom, etc...,) many times without any help. I don't remember the girls doing that at such a young age.

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