Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Details


The kids each got a basket with a chocolate pet bunny, a Glory Story CD, an M&M fan, some stickers, and these plastic tubes. I don't know what these plastic tubes are called, but that was the best $3 I ever spent. They loved them and I could barely get them to put them down long enough to take a picture. They used them the old fashioned way, as "walkie talkies", as megaphones, and all kinds of other weird ways.

Every year, since having kids 7 1/2 years ago, I say we will try to go to the Easter Vigil. However, every year by the time Saturday rolls around, and we have kept the kids up late for Holy Thursday Mass, then again for the Good Friday service, I chicken out and say, "Next year." Three days of long services that start at bedtime is just too much for the littlest ones. Since we entered the Church only 8 Easters ago, this means I have only been to one Easter Vigil as a Catholic, when I was pregnant with Hannah.

So Sunday morning...

See those cuties with the ties!

Don't forget the beauties!

In the afternoon, we had our little egg hunt. This year I drew with Sharpie on three special eggs. I made the eggs into different things, a strawberry, a chick, and a man with a mustache. The rules were you could only get one of these special eggs. If you found two, you had to leave it for someone else. These special eggs each had candy AND a note which said, "Jesus is risen" and had an extra message that was like a coupon for 1. a free movie night at home, 2. a date with dad to get ice cream, and 3. a date with mom to get a snow cone. Hannah found #1, Genna found #3, and Isaac found #2. They were all thrilled so I guess I made the prizes equal enough not to be fought over. Alone time with mom or dad, movies, and sweets are the hottest commodities to be had in our household.

As you might expect, Hannah cleaned house finding over half the eggs that were hidden. I helped Isaac at first because he seemed discouraged, but then I realized that Genna had less than he did so I helped guide her a bit too. My Genna is many things, but awareness is not one of her strong suits. She's smart as a whip, but her head is in the clouds a lot. I guess that makes egg hunting harder. :)

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Kristen said...

I have only been to the vigil twice, & I am a cradle catholic! Kudos to you for going to the other events. I miss them but we do our own versions at home because of the late times!