Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Date with Dad

I took Hannah out on a date for reading 50 chapter books on Friday night. We went to Pizza Hut and she redeemed her "Book it" coupon for a free personal pizza, cheese since it was Friday. Saturday night Brian took Genna out on a date to a fancy hot dog place that has crazy hot dog toppings. He kept the destination a surprise and chose this place because Genna loves hot dogs. She earned this date ( a while ago) by reading 100 books out loud. Truly, she read double that (at least!) but she wasn't as good about recording her books as Hannah was during her first 100 read aloud books.

She surprised her dad by dressing up for him. She was so cute. While I was helping her get ready, she wondered aloud whether her daddy would dress up for her and whether the place would be fancy. When Brian heard that he second guessed himself about the choice of restaurant. I assured him she would be thrilled to know he put so much thought into where to take her and to go ahead with the plan. She LOVED it! What did she have to say about the hot dog place? "It had the greenest relish I've ever seen!"


Rich said...

Good job, Dad! Little girls love this type of stuff.

Sometimes I am insanely jealous of my buddies that have daughters, and this is one of the prime reasons: daddy-daughter dates.

Mary said...

So, so sweet! And Genna looks absolutely beautiful! =) So glad that she is such a hard worker (w/ reading her books).