Monday, April 2, 2012

Sewing again....finally!

I am trying to get back into the groove of sewing now that baby boy is getting older and I am getting more sleep. I usually don't have to nap anymore which gives me more time to get stuff done. When stuff gets done, I have time eventually...sometimes... to sew. Here's what I created this time.

What is it? A pillow to hold stuffed animals, of course! An awesome idea, especially for Genna who has meltdowns over her bed getting messed up because someone moves a stuffed animal. This keeps them neat and on her bed at the same time. Plus, it makes bed making a lot easier.

I got the idea from a First Steps catalog. Yes, I could have just bought it, but I have such a deep rooted stubbornness about buying something I could make myself. So I pieced one together and then we excitedly filled it with stuffed animals. Then it ripped. Then I took it back down to the drawing board to sew in some reinforcing fabric and then a pretty ribbon to hide the tear and repair.

This was my first ever sewn on zipper. And I managed it without instructions. I had my doubts after the first time I had to rip the seam out and start over. I almost abandoned ship and went for Velcro. However, the zipper prevailed. Yea for zippers!

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Mary said...

Great job, Kelle! Zippers still intimidate me! If you can do it, maybe I can try, too! =)