Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Seven Month Old Boy (31 weeks)

I got a little carried away taking pictures of this cutie on Sunday after Church, so be prepared for a cuteness overload. What an angel! He is a lot like Hannah in Mass, turning around and smiling at every body who gives him the time of day. He makes new friends every week it seems.

Drews had an appointment with the ENT about his little vascular spot on the bridge of his noes. We waited in the waiting room for almost 2 hours before being seen. All the kids were super awesome during the ridiculous wait for the 10 minute appointment. He was an excellent patient if you don't penalize him for grabbing at the doctor's instruments and being his usually extra wiggly self. The doc said all looks fine for now, but she will need to take another look at it in 6 months to make sure blood isn't pooling there.

Drew is still having a bit of trouble with constipation, but I won't go into that too much. Let's just say we are still on the mostly prunes, pears, yogurt, and homemade oatmeal diet for now. I think his main problem is not getting enough fluids, so I am diluting his foods with prune apple juice and giving him water in a real cup (no lid) at meal times to get more down him. I did let him try Cherrios and puffs a couple of times and he did just fine with them. I am not giving him much because of the whole above problem. What amazes me is that all my babies have hated plain Cherrios and gagged when I first introduced them. He has no problems eating, he has problems drinking enough. I did introduce sweet potatoes (small amounts) and cherry (recommended by the doctor to add to rotate with his prunes and pears.)

He is very spoiled, and I just don't even know how it happened, but he is nearly incapable of playing by himself if he can see me. Ridiculous, since I thought the 4th kid was supposed to be lower maintenance. My last two rarely required being held and were happy to play and watch what was going on, but Hannah and Drew, not so much. We are going to have to work on this because he is much heavier than Hannah was and I am in much worse shape.

He's on pretty much the same routine. Only new developments are him saying, "Da da" and "Up." Remember this guy is high maintenance! I could have called that "Up" would be in the first handful of words he would say.

He likes to be outside, as you can see!

And just like when Hannah was a baby, people always ask me, "Is he always this happy?" My answer is the same as it was back then, "Yes, when people are giving him attention." He is happy as a clam to be out and about with people oohing and aahing over him, but stick him at home on the floor, when his siblings all run off to play and things are a bit different.

But with a face like that, I'd take a million of him!

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