Tuesday, April 3, 2012

29 Weeks: Stop growing up!

This guy is almost 7 months. I just can't believe my baby is getting so old Why can't he just slow down a bit. It seems like it was just summer yesterday and I was carrying him around in my tummy.

Drew is sleeping differently, I guess I could say. His nights are from 7:30/45 until 6/6:30 which is great because I was so tired when he was waking up at 5am. However, his naps are a little more variable now that he is getting all that sleep at night. They are still good most of the time, but he now has days when he takes a short morning nap which makes his wake times longer and less pleasant some days. It just means he gets tired a lot and cranky. I guess his body knows how much sleep he needs, but it makes for long days for him either way.

Drew is eating pears and yogurt now. He will gum at a whole pealed pear, eat them in his netting thing (don't know the official name for it,) and eating them pureed. He is still a bit constipated, so I am hoping the pears will help with that soon. Prunes weren't doing the trick, possibly because he won't eat enough of them. Pears he loves though.

He is loving the grass and the nice spring weather!

In the bath, this crazy guy likes to bob for toys. He sticks his whole face in the water repeatedly when going for a toy. Scares his mama a bit, but it's all in good fun. :)

The new thing of the week is a lot more babbling actual sounds, in addition to his normal loud grunting, squealing, and yelling. He is saying "Mama," but not consistently repeating it yet. I count their first word when they are obviously repeating it after me, not when they know what it means. The ability to say things is more than half the battle in learning to talk.

**I should also add that changing his diaper has become something like I would imagine changing a monkey's diaper would be like. He wraps both legs around my arm every chance he gets and tries to pull my arms down. He's pretty strong too. He tries to roll over and reach anything and everything in sight.

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