Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farm Weekend

 Last weekend we went to a farm in Washington, VA with my uncle and cousins.  It was BEAUTIFUL and relaxing!  We played Bocci Ball (which I had never played before) and Canasta.  The kids got rides in the four wheeler and played all round the farm.  They loved it!

 This guy slept well with all the excitement.  He, in fact, was too excited/distracted all weekend to eat much of his solid food and even too busy to dirty his diaper (which he paid for greatly when we got home.)

I shot my first handgun ever.  I hit the square, but not the bulls-eye.  Before you call CPS on us, this is a Isaac's BB gun in the next picture, not a real gun right next to my baby.  Isaac and Genna got to practice with the BB gun with some help from Daddy.

Genevieve loved pretending the dogs were all hers.  They really belonged to my uncle and cousin.


I shot a crossbow for the first time as well, and I didn't do too badly for my first and probably only shot.


 The house and the grounds were amazing!

I was thankful that I was not there for this adventure (but Daddy was!)  I just worry too much about my babies!

 On Sunday after an early Mass, everyone (except for Drew and myself) went to Luray Caverns to see Stalagmite and Stalactite.  The kids had a great time and loved it more than I was expecting.  Daddy even got suckered into buying souvenirs for the girls which is just unheard of in our family.  I really didn't believe the girls when they came running in telling me what they got at the gift shop.  Daddy is not the souvenir type, let's just say.

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