Saturday, March 31, 2012


The kids and I were very excited when Daddy hung up our new frames. These frames are specifically for their artwork. One frame per artist. Drew doesn't get one just yet since he doesn't qualify as an artist at 6 months of age.

The frames open like a door and hold up to 50 pieces of art each.

These are turned sideways, but they are tiger lilies that we drew from our Drawing with Children lesson this week. Genna's is on the top, and Hannah's is on the bottom. Mine is the one that is cut off. I think both of the girls' pictures turned out well, but Genna had a major pity party, tears and all, in the middle of the project because she decided it wasn't turning out like she wanted and she wished she had used pink. Brian was home from work when we were doing this and he tried to convince her to perservere and that it was nice, but the tears kept on flowing. Eventually she just started drawing again and got over it. I am not sure how I should be handling this with her because this happens a lot during these art projects.

Here is Isaac's attempt at tiger lilies. I like it. The squares are the leaves, and I am not sure about those, but I would never tell him because he is a big time easily frustrated perfectionist. How did we end up with so many of those in this family? Couldn't be the fact that mom and dad are perfectionists too, right?

This is Genna's rough draft for the Doodle for Google contest. I highly doubt that they finish the final draft of these since they don't seem to like to put in that much effort after their initial draft. Anyway the theme is "If I could travel in time, I'd visit..." Genna clearly chose NYC. Since she was born in New York and yet doesn't recall living there, she always talks about wanting to go back. I don't think she realizes that from upstate NY , you can't see the Statue of Liberty. Anyway, she did an awesome job of drawing Lady Liberty and I am going to keep this one forever even if it doesn't get finished. The plan was to make the Statue of Liberty be the "l" in "Google."

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Mary said...

What a great idea! I love those frames to display your kiddos' artwork! Where did you find them? Our boys are always drawing something, it would be nice to have a good place to display their artwork.

Tell Genna that she did a beautiful job w/ her Tiger Lily. I love how she made it very colorful! =)

And I'm amazed @ how well she captured New York City & the Statue of Liberty! Wow! Looks like she inherited her parents' artistic talents! =)