Tuesday, March 6, 2012

25 Week Update:Rolling right along

And still cute as ever!

New Adventures: He had his first ride in a baby swing at the playground last Thursday. It was a beautiful day, and we had time to kill with Hannah in AHG. He liked it quite a bit. Two of mine have loved park swing right off and two were not so crazy about them at first. Hannah and Drew are the ones who took to it right away.

Practicing sitting

New Feats: He rolled from his back to his tummy last Tuesday when he was exactly 24 weeks old. He has done this everyday since, but usually when he is playing alone. I have mentioned before how loud he is. Take this and our family's low tolerance for noise and it adds up to a baby who can get what he wants done without moving when there are people around to do his bidding. I am trying not to "give in" to him just because he is loud. He's usually not crying, just really loudly expressing himself! We always have to do retraining on this after we have been traveling or had company visiting.

Back to rolling, he rolled over to his tummy on Saturday night while swaddled and went back to sleep after waking at 5am which was nice. So I guess we will be weaning him off of the Woombie swaddle blanket pretty soon here. Yea! I love when tummy sleeping begins.

I knew he was close when I caught him like this the day before he actually rolled.

Schedule: We've been pushing the 4 hour schedule most days. I don't know if this is best or not, but we are trying it out since the 3 hour schedule causes so many problems and makes his bedtime too late. This makes for a cranky baby most evenings since he has to be awake longer than 2 hours most evenings to make this 4 hour schedule happen. We have been working on moving his bedtime up gradually. We are currently near 7:45pm most days, and working our way earlier.

Food/Sippy Cup: No food yet, but I am planning for it in the next couple of weeks. He continues to practice with a sippy cup, but doesn't seem to like the water to actually get in his mouth. He is happier when it is all over his body.
You can almost hear the laugh, right?

Can you tell Drew is over 20 lbs now? I am sure it's the sweater that makes him look so chubby. It couldn't be the cheeks or the legs!

I guess I got a little carried away with the pictures, but he is just so cute every time he breathes that I can't help it.

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