Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6 months old/26 weeks old

What a milestone! My baby is growing up too fast! However, I am so excited about the new change of this past week. He is sleeping on his tummy now, and I unswaddled him on Wednesday! I love this part because babies sleep so much better on their tummies. He, unfortunately, insists on sleeping face down into the mattress. I have tried to turn it, but he will have none of it. It looks so uncomfortable, but he seems to love it.

The other new milestone of the week (this one I don't look forward to) is eating solids. It never really makes a difference in their sleep and it is just one more thing to do. I started with boxed rice cereal, but am hoping to mix in home-made brown rice to his diet soon. It is a pain to make, but I think was worth it when I did it for Genna. We'll see if it actually happens. Anyway, he had his first real meal of rice cereal on Saturday, and he loved it, but he didn't eat a ton. It seemed like the next day he was less excited about it, so I threw in some little bites of a banana in between to get him more interested. I also let him try sucking on my apple slices this week which he truly loved! He was diving for my bowl the whole time.

1st Meal: Before



Time changes, even small ones, seem to have more of an effect on Drew than it did on my other babies. He had trouble when we went to Indiana and then this week when we sprung forward. It has been nice for me because he is sleeping until 6:30am instead of 5:30am. He had a harder time going to sleep the first night and a couple of random naps, but it was nothing major.

Drew's wearing 12 month clothes now and a size 4 diaper. He is just over 20 lbs. His thighs are so chunky they are embarrassing. He is still loud loud loud even when he is happy which is the majority of the time. However, he is most happy when he is getting attention from just about anyone. Drew seems to be a social little guy now. He has no stranger anxiety yet which is nice since Genna and Isaac were very nervous with new people at this age.

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