Monday, March 12, 2012

Lent: Catching up

I'm way behind on this post, and we are already in the midst of Lent. We are using Holy Heros Lenten Adventure this year to supplement our religion. The only other new thing we have done is put each kid's sacrifice on their purple hand prints. We put those hand prints on the altar. (Isaac's hasn't quite made it to the altar yet.) We are giving up desserts as a family. Hannah is giving up going first. Genna is giving up vanity/caring too much about what she looks like and looking in the mirror all the time. Isaac (this one was suggested by me since he is too little to self examine) is trying to say the responses in Mass instead of giving something up. He used to say them, but has not been of late. We encouraged the girls to pick things they really struggled with the most. Brian and I have some sacrifices of our own as well.

Our crown of thorns and ten commandments resides on our alter as well.

Simple stuff this year since I am working on a new organizational system for our house that is really time consuming.

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