Monday, March 5, 2012

Home-school Review

I had my mid year home-school review in January, but totally forgot to post about it. I think it slipped my mind because it was so peaceful and uneventful this year. Unlike the lectures I received last year from Mavis, the home-school reviewer who doesn't approve of home-schooling, I was the recipient of nothing but praise and approval from my reviewer this year.

The main things she said that made an impression on me were that she mentioned Hannah's very nice handwriting and was shocked at Genevieve's reading level. She also commented on our study of ancient history being very deep and thorough for Kindergarten and first grade. (Funny that History was the subject I was most concerned about teaching since I am so ignorant in that area. However, I am excited about teaching it because it is new stuff to me. I never had ancient history or, at least, don't remember it if I did.)

So the main point is that I was more prepared this time around and had a much nicer reviewer who wasn't biased by having her own kids in the public school system. Great news!

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